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Supporting Patients Through Advocacy

The American Liver Foundation takes a leadership role in advocating on behalf of the millions of Americans living with liver disease and their families.

  • American Liver Foundation testifies before Congress and state legislatures on important issues related to liver disease to help effect change in public health policy.
  • We actively lobby Congress and state legislatures for legislation to support increases in organ donations.
  • We have been a moving force behind the acceptance of an agreement on a comprehensive “Research Agenda” for liver disease.
  • The Foundation’s “Annual Day on the Hill” engages staff and volunteers in a full day of lobbying for legislation on critical issues including increased funding for research, public health education and organ donor awareness.
  • The Foundation participates in numerous coalitions and works in partnership with other organizations to support public policy and funding into research, education and advocacy for liver disease and wellness initiatives.
  • American Liver Foundation has been active in obtaining cosponsors for the Liver Research Enhancement Act (HR1743) to create a center within the National Institutes for Health that will focus solely on research into liver-related diseases.

Recent Advocacy Activity

9-30-14 ALF Statement on New Hep C Treatment Drugs

9-17-14 American Liver Foundation Statement about UNOS Proposed Organ Distribution

9-14-14 ALF Supports International PBC Day

7-25-14 The American Liver Foundation Stands with Organizations Worldwide to Support July 28th World Hepatitis Day

3-10-14 ALF Public Statement on Hep B Screening

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Page updated: February 27th, 2015