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Supporting Patients Through Advocacy

Policy and Position Statements

The American Liver Foundation takes a leadership role in advocating on behalf of the millions of Americans living with liver disease and their families.

  • American Liver Foundation testifies before Congress and state legislatures on important issues related to liver disease to help effect change in public health policy.
  • We actively lobby Congress and state legislatures for legislation to support increases in organ donations.
  • We have been a moving force behind the acceptance of an agreement on a comprehensive “Research Agenda” for liver disease.
  • The Foundation’s “Annual Day on the Hill” engages staff and volunteers in a full day of lobbying for legislation on critical issues including increased funding for research, public health education and organ donor awareness.
  • The Foundation participates in numerous coalitions and works in partnership with other organizations to support public policy and funding into research, education and advocacy for liver disease and wellness initiatives.
  • American Liver Foundation has been active in obtaining cosponsors for the Liver Research Enhancement Act (HR1743) to create a center within the National Institutes for Health that will focus solely on research into liver-related diseases.

Healthcare Reform Act Documents

Liver transplant survivor meet at the forum.

Forum participants in Washington, DC were joined by teleconference with participants in San Francisco and Chicago as well.

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