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Bayer and Onyx Virtual Rally to Fight Liver Disease launches April 17, 2012

Help raise $45,000 in sponsorship funds for the liver disease education and awareness community at no cost to you

Committed to helping support those who live with liver disease, Bayer and Onyx, through the Virtual Rally are offering sponsorship funds for the American Liver Foundation* (ALF) and its local participating chapters. The top 3 participating state teams with the most Virtual Supporters will receive sponsorship funds, as follows: 1st place ‐ $20,000, 2nd place ‐ $15,000, 3rd place ‐ $10,000. That’s a total of $45,000 in sponsorship funds to support the liver disease community! Joining the Virtual Rally for Liver Disease is as easy as 1‐2‐3 and there is absolutely no cost to you! Participants simply need to:

  1. Visit and create a virtual character
  2. Choose a message
  3. Select one of the states you’re supporting

If you can't decide which state to choose, just choose to Rally for the National Office of the ALF. You can then share your Virtual support on Facebook and invite everyone you know. Together we will help raise awareness for liver disease across the country! To join the Virtual Rally, visit

*While the American Liver Foundation acknowledges and supports Bayer and Onyx’s commitment to the liver disease community, it does not in any way influence or control Bayer and Onyx’s decisions or endorse activities related to this event.

Page updated: April 17th, 2012


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