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LIVEr Champion: Lindsey Boynton

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, and in honor of this very important month, the American Liver Foundation would like to share a story of survival, courage, and overcoming obstacles.

On a typical day in Falmouth, Massachusetts you would see 11-year old Lindsey Boynton sitting amidst a menagerie of dogs, rabbits and a white mouse, happily chatting with her friends about their latest plans for “Mini World”. Lindsey and her friends are dreaming about the day when they will open a combination petting zoo and family center where there will be a wide variety of farm animals and activities that children can enjoy. “All the animals will be miniature,” she explains.

Lindsey herself is shorter than many of her friends. In the winter of 2010, she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis, a condition in which a person's own immune system attacks the liver. If not treated, this can lead to cirrhosis, a disease of the liver caused by liver cells that do not work properly. To prevent this from happening, Lindsey’s doctors at Children’s Hospital in Boston have prescribed powerful medications. One of the side effects is that she has only grown a half-inch in these past three years. Lindsey also experiences frequent headaches, aching joints and periods of sadness, but none of these symptoms have held her back. Lindsey excels in math and science at Morse Pond School, where she is in the Math Olympiad program and one of the student producers for the school’s “Catapult” television show. She began swimming lessons last year at Aquasafe, and is now on the Falmouth swim team. She joined a Girl Scout troop and is an enthusiastic helper with all of their events and cookie sales.

Lindsey’s parents, Peter and Kelly Boynton, have been married for 23 years. She is their only child and from the very start Lindsey showed remarkable compassion for others. Nearly every year in elementary school she has been recognized as “Peace Builder of the Month” for her kindness toward other children. After the first week of school this past fall her teacher sent a note to her parents saying, “ She is kind, cooperative and helpful. I am excited to have Lindsey in class this year and look forward to sharing in her enthusiasm for learning.”

Lindsey’s swim team organized a charity swim meet in February 2013 to raise money for the American Liver Foundation. Many of her friends and supporters will join Lindsey and her family at the Liver Life Walk at Patriot Place.

Lindsey hopes that by raising funds for the American Liver Foundation, someday a cure will be found that will help her and others overcome this disease. Join them for a fun day at the Liver Life Walk on Sunday, June 9th at Patriot Place and help support the efforts of the American Liver Foundation.

Page updated: May 22nd, 2013


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