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Hepatitis Awareness Campaign

Advocacy initiatives you can get involved in!

Be a voice for the fight against liver disease. The Connecticut Chapter of the American Liver Foundation is calling on its constituents to help raise awareness of liver disease and hepatitis.

MAY has been designated Hepatitis Awareness Month. This is a time when those who have a stake in Liver disease can join together and MAKE SOME NOISE

Contact Your Legislature

Approximately 4 million people in the United States have hepatitis C

Being involved in national and local politics can have a tremendous impact. Advocacy is something that everyone can do in many different ways. The American Liver Foundation is asking that you contact your local representatives during the month of May and let him/her know that you have an interest in the prevention and treatment of hepatitis. Sample letters have been provided below that you can mail, fax, or email to your representative.

To find your House and Senate representatives click Connecticut General Assembly. Scroll down the until you find your town. Click the link in the first column to the right to find your House Representative, and the link in the second column to find your State Senator.

The Best Way to Contact Your Representative

The impact is much greater if contact comes from a constituent rather than a national advocate.

There are differnet types of information that can be included in a letter. Some state legislatures feel data and statistics of the problem you are advocating is of high importance, as well as the constituent's or organization's contact information. Data from the state you live in may be more important to your representative than national statistics.

Relevant newspaper stories can be included if you mail a letter or you can quote directly from the article. Just be sure to include the article's title, publication and date.

Emailing can be effective, however, some lawmakers find emails too cumbersome, too impersonal and too easy to just forward. If you do email a letter it is best to attach the letter and paste it into the body of the email. Be sure to write Hepatitis Awareness Month in the subject heading.

You can use the letters below or create one of your own. Each letter has a differnet focus. There is a constiuent letter for hepatitis B and C, and a letter for health practitioners who specialize in liver disease. Choose the letter that best represents your story or concerns. If you need assistance composing or sending a letter, or would like to send a letter to your senators or congressman in D.C, email

Be sure to let the ALF know once you've contacted your representative. You can do this by calling 203-234-2022 or emailing Tom Reilly at
(All contact will be confidential or anonymous)

Hepatitis C letter

Constituent Letter

Hepatitis B Letter

Constituent Letter

Professional Letter

Hepatitis Awareness

Letter to Congress/Senate

Appropriations -Hepatitis

Facts on Hepatitis

CT State Facts

Page updated: May 20th, 2008


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