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Educational Programs Initiative

The American Liver Foundation offers community-based education programs on liver health and liver disease topics. Our programs address all major liver diseases and explain risk factors, prevention, treatment and how to care for the second largest organ in the human body.

Our three core educational programs that we are bringing into the community are:

  • Liver Matters - general overview of all major liver diseases, explaining risks, prevention, treatments and why we need to keep ourselves free from all liver disease.
  • Viral Hepatitis Treatment Choices Initiative - designed for those who have, are at risk for, or who need to know about viral hepatitis.
  • Love Your Liver - focused on the education of identification, risks, prevention, treatment of liver disease as well as liver wellness. The target audience is adolescents and young adults.

If you have any recommendations for these opportunities in schools, healthcare centers or businesses, please contact Donna Sciacca at dsciacca@liverfoundation.org or 203-234-2022! We are excited to find new ways to educate our community about liver wellness and liver disease, and we can't do this without you.

Page updated: August 4th, 2014