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National Nurses Week 2014

National Nurses Week 2014 is May 6-12. A huge THANK YOU to all the dedicated nurses and nurse practitioners who work tirelessly to make lives better for people living with liver disease.

Our Division Board Chair, Gina M. Pollichino, RN is among the many nurses working to make a difference in the liver community.

Gina M. Pollichino, RN
In her own words:

My rewarding career as an RN began in 1979. However, I began my second RN career in 1997, running support groups for hepatitis C patients with the American Liver Foundation. Three years earlier in 1994, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Treatment was not successful for me, and the side effects were difficult. As time went on, I saw many patients undergo treatment. Treatment regimens became somewhat more successful, but that success brought harsh side effects. Over time, I lost three friends to this disease. However, with research, we’ve made great progress today! Current drug regimens are much more successful, are shorter, and have very mild side effects. I am hoping to start one of those new drugs very soon, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

I am Board Chair of the Greater NY Division of the American Liver Foundation, and I continue to run a hepatitis C support group. I have always been proud to be an RN, and I get great satisfaction using my skills to counsel and educate patients. My association with the American Liver Foundation has given me that opportunity, and I am honored and proud to be working with them.

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Gina M. Pollichino, RN
Board Chair, Greater New York Division

Page updated: June 11th, 2014


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