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Biliary Atresia Research Consortium

A clinical network funded by the NIDDK of the NIH to study biliary atresia and other cholestatic liver diseases in infants and children.

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Sloan Family raising funds for Biliary Atresia research!

The Sloan family of Kansas City, MO sets goal of making a difference for Biliary Atresia research funding.

On June 25, 2011, the Sloan family held a fundrasier for the American Liver Foundation. Why the American Liver Foundation, what is Biliary Atresia? This is something that the Sloan's family and friends had learned a great deal about over the last year. Jake was diagnosed with this condition just after birth. Click here for more information about Biliary Atresia.

Jake turns 1!

Here's Melanie's account of how the day went:

After months of planning, the day had finally arrived. We had about 107 people total come through, 41 of those being children. There were 3 bounce houses to keep all of those kiddos entertained, along with the Southern Platte Fire Deptartment's truck! It was a lot of fun! Burgers, hotdogs, chips and desserts were being served while everyone visited. There were door prizes handed out from Glass of Milk Cake Company ($25 gift card), Corner Cafe Restaurant ($25 gift card), 54th St Bar and Grill ($20 gift card and 4 Buy-one-get-one-certificates), Papa John's Pizza (1 free Large 2 topping pizza), Pam and Larry Pike (Two $25 Celebrating Home gift certificates and three 1 qt home grown canned green beans). Sam's Wholesale Club took $25 off our purchases toward the event, and Ribit Party Rentals took $30 off the cost of the bounce house rental. The meat was a donation from Curtis Wilkie, and all of the desserts were homemade by Vicki Wells, Sandra Clay, and Martha Kirtley. We had invited everyone to come from 11-2pm, but the last people here ended up staying until about 6:30pm!

We would like to also thank the following for their donations, time, and talent!

Gwen Slack and John Sloan covered the expenses

Southern Platte Fire Protection Department (fire truck) Fire Station #4

Glass of Milk Cake Company

54th St Bar and Grill (KRM INC)

Ribit Party Rental (large bounce house)

Pam and Larry Pike

Papa John's Pizza

The Corner Cafe

Sam's Wholesale Club

Curtis Wilkie (meat)

Desserts: Vicki Wells, Sandra Clay, Martha Kirtley (sister of Sandra Clay)

Extra 2 Bounce Houses: Bryan and Tammy Smith & Michael and Hilary Yager

On behalf of our friend and family we were able to present the American Liver Foundation Mid-America Division donations that totalled $2,379.00.

We had a great day with great people! We are amazed and humbled by the turnout. God has moved in our lives for sometime now, but this year has been quite a significant one to see His mighty hand at work in Jake and through our family, friends, and those we now call friends

Thank you for making this day possible,

The Sloan Family,

Kip, Melanie, Addison, Evelyn, and Jake

The American Liver Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and contributed in the Sloan's Family Fundrasier. Thank you on behalf of the 30 million Americans affected by some form of liver disease and helping us fund research to find the cures!

Page updated: August 4th, 2011


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