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24th Annual Irwin M. Arias Symposium: Bridging Basic Science and Liver Disease

Save the Date for the 24th Annual Irwin M. Arias Symposium!

November 7th, 2014 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Phone: Call (617) 527-5600

Hosted by The American Liver Foundation New England Division
The Algonquin Club of Boston - Directions
217 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02116

Save the date for our Annual Irwin M. Arias Symposium

Dr. Irwin Arias


Following graduation from medical school and residency training in Boston, Irwin Arias ("Win") specialized in medicine and hepatology in Boston after which he spent 29 years at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as Professor of Medicine, Vice- Chairman of Medicine, Founder of the first NIH supported Liver Research and Director of the GI-Liver Training Program. In 1982, he became Chairman and Professor of Physiology and Professor of Medicine at Tufts Medical School In 2000, Win and Lyuba moved to NIH where he is Senior Scientist in the Cell Biology and Metabolism Program of the NICHD and Assistant to the Director of the Intramural Program at NIH. Win has received Distinguished Achievement Awards from the AASLD, AGA, ACG, ALF and other liver-related organizations around the world, served as President of AASLD, Vice-President of the ASCI, and Founding Editor of Hepatology. Since inception of the ALF, Win has been an active leader in promoting "the cause" and served for many years on the Board of the New England Chapter and the National Organization. In 1991, the New England Chapter honored him by naming an annual Symposium in Boston on "Bridging Basic Science and Liver Disease" . This highly successful event brings leading biomedical scientists and physicians who share interest in liver biology and disease to meet with students, fellows and scientists. Win has published over 450 research papers, reviews, book chapters and position papers. His wide-ranging research focuses on bringing advances in basic science to better understanding of liver function and disease, both acquired and inheritable.

Arias Symposium 2014

Program Schedule

8:00 AM • Registration and Breakfast

8:50 AM • Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:00 AM:

David Spray, PhD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Topic: Plasticity at the Nexus and What it Means for Hepatocyte Polarity

9:45 AM:

Juan Bonifacino, PhD
National Institutes of Health
Topic: Mechanisms of Polarized Sorting

10:30 AM • Morning Break

Chairperson: David Cohen, MD, PhD
Brigham & Women's Hospital

11:00 AM:

Andrew Duncan, PhD
McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
Topic: Ploidy Dynamics and Genetic Diversity in the Liver

11:45 AM:

Stanley Lemon, MD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Topic: ESCRTing HAV Out of the Liver: Membrane Hijacking and Quasi-Enveloped Hepatoviruses

12:30 PM • Luncheon with Faculty

Chairperson: Alan Hoffman, MD
University of California San Diego School of Medicine

1:30 PM:

Neil Ruderman, MD, DPhil
Boston University School of Medicine
AMPK and the Metabolic Syndrome: Lessons from Insulin-Sensitive and Resistant Bariatric Surgery Patients

2:15 PM:

Neil Kaplowitz, MD
University of Southern California
Topic: Signaling Mitochondrial Dysfunction: A Sab Story

3:00 PM • Afternoon Break

Chairperson: Fredric Gordon, MD
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

3:15 PM:

Robert Desnick, MD, PhD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, The Mount Sinai Health System
Topic: Silencing Acute Porphyric Attacks With RNA Interference

4:00 PM:

Patrizia Farci, MD
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Topic: Host and Viral Factors in the Pathogenesis of HBV-Associated Acute Liver Failure

4:45 PM • Concluding Comments


There is NO parking at the Algonquin Club.

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*Registration is NOT permitted on site, so please register in advance!

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