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Patient-Runner Connection

What is the Patient-Runner Connection? The Patient-Runner Connection (PRC) teams up a liver patient, survivor, or family with an American Liver Foundation Run for Research (RFR) runner, participating in the Boston Marathon®.

Through frequent communication between patient and runner, patients and family members are able to inspire our endurance participants and spread awareness about their specific liver disease. As part of the program, liver patients, survivors and families will have the opportunity to connect at team meetings, training runs, quarterly socials and on marathon weekend.

Benefits of the Program

· Inspire 1 or 215 runners by sharing your story at a team meeting, long run or on the RFR website

· Meet and cheer on the team at social events, our patient runner connection party, a pre-marathon brunch and of course on race day!

· Challenge people to “Think Again” about liver disease, by putting a face to the cause

· Form a friendship that will last for years to come

· Help fundraise for the 30 million Americans living with liver disease

Patient & Runner Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you for choosing Matt as my runner match. He is just a fantastic guy with a wonderful heart. It has been an honor for me to get to know Matt and his family. Honestly, when you told me how the PRC would be a rewarding experience, I was doubtful. But, I am certain I have made new friends for life with Matt and his family.”

-Jackie, Hep C patient, matched since 2013

“Although Jackie and I have only communicated via email, to date, being a part of the Patient- Runner Connection and being her "match" has been fantastic. Thus far, it has been everything I had hoped for. It has provided me inspiration and a real purpose in my training and involvement in the Run For Research program. A couple of my favorite moments have been her brother-in-law referring to me as "an adopted member of the family" and Jackie saying that "a donation for Matt is a donation for me" in an email to her supporters. Just awesome!”

-Matt, runner, matched since 2013

“Shortly after my initial diagnosis, my physician asked me to participate in the RFR Patient-Runner Connection. While I agreed, at that time I had no idea what to expect, nor could I have anticipated how much fulfillment the program would bring to my life. Nhu has not only been my runner match, he has been a great friend and has become an extended member of my family. As a patient, I am so grateful for what he is doing and the difference he is making in the lives of those living with liver disease, and so thankful to have made such a great friend in the process.”

-Elizabeth, autoimmune hepatitis patient, matched since 2004

“The PRC gives RFR members a unique way of seeing how their training and fundraising impacts the lives of those who live with liver disease. I've been so blessed having been matched to my liver patient, Elizabeth. I'm happy to say that in those 11 years, I've seen her graduate high school AND college and make the move into the working world. I started the RFR program to give back, but I have received so much more in return.”

-Nhu, runner, matched since 2004

How to Sign-Up

For more information or to sign-up, please call or e-mail:

Lindsay Ventura, Community Outreach and Education Manager

Phone: (617) 527-5600


Patient-Runner Connection


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