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Jim, runner and patient

Jim, a member of the Patient-Runner Connection for 4 years, shares his thoughts about the Patient-Runner Connection program.

Jim, runner, gets words of encouragement from one of his patient matches on the Boston Marathon course

As a runner and 4 year post liver transplant survivor, you have a unique perspective on the Patient-Runner Connection. What does this program mean to you in terms of what it has to offer from both sides?

Jim: This will be my 4th year matched with Will and my 3rd year matched with Tom. Having been a patient as well as a runner has definitely given me a unique experience, as I've gotten inspiration from them and their families. In return, hopefully I've been able to inspire patients with what is possible after liver disease.

As a runner, and organizer of the weekly mission moments, you feel strongly about the power of the patient story. How do mission moments affect the Run for Research team and the team’s performance during training runs?

Jim: Our mission moments are an important part of our weekly training program, giving the team an emotional lift before each run. This year we also have runners volunteering to share their connection to liver disease with their teammates.

As a patient, what is your biggest piece of advice to fellow patients in regards to creating a successful connection with your runner through the Patient-Runner Connection?

Jim: From my experience, each patient-runner relationship is unique. Both the runner and the patient (and family) will get out of the relationship in proportion to what they wish to put into it.

You are very fortunate to have loved ones and your patient match (and family) out on the course very often, manning water stops and cheering you on on race day. What does it mean to you to see them out there, supporting you in your efforts?

Jim: Having familiar faces supporting us makes a huge difference. I am especially blessed to have Alice sharing the training and marathon experience with me. We have experienced the most amazing journey together, from end stage liver disease through transplant surgery to the finish line!

Page updated: February 26th, 2014