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Medical Advisors & Board

The American Liver Foundation Upper Midwest Division is grateful to the many volunteers who support our efforts.

Minnesota Board

Larry Burgart, MD - Board Chair

Rob Chose

Kayla Farber

MaryEllen Feldstein

Aaron Hagerdorn

Kirk Linse

Baron Tisthammer

Jessica Wegmann

Wisconsin Board

Clark Gamblin,MD - Board Chair

Ben Clement

William Forrester

Brian Frakes

Daniel Jacobs

Jay Kaun

Makisha Porter

Linda Schreiner

Cindy Schulzetenberg

Jennifer Tenuta

Valerie Zehetner

Randy Zimmerman

Upper Midwest Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

Jack Lake, MD - CO-Chair

Adnan Said,MD - Co-Chair

Larry Burgart,MD

Parry Dilworth,MD

Srinevas Reddy,MD

John RIce, MD

Kara Sullivan, MD

Page updated: November 25th, 2014