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Western PA chapter partners with the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force

>ALF provides education at P.I.E. Project screening sites.

The P.I.E. Project

The Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, in collaboration with Persad Center, Inc., the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, and the Center for Health Equity Research & Promotion, have formed the Partnership for Intervention and Empowerment (PIE) Project.

The P.I.E. Project is committed to strengthening partnerships within the City of Pittsburgh's Public Housing communities, by providing interventions specific to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Substance Abuse prevention. Our community wide approach provides residents with the oppurtunity to deceide which type of prevention intervention will have the greatest effect in their communities. Over the next 4 years, the goals and objectives of the P.I.E. Project include:

  • Collaborating with tenant councils to mobilize community members, in order to ignite and promote intervention strategies that will prevent and reduce the risk and harm of Substance Abuse, and HIV and Hepatitis Infections.
  • Developing and instituting one prevention intercention per year specific to Substance Abuse, HIV, or Hepatitis infection.
  • Uniting community leaders and residents by creating a Community Advisory Council.
  • Providing onsite HIV Rapid Testing and Hepatitis Screenings for community residents.
  • Increasing the knowledge of community residents specific to Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis with evidence-based prevention intervention tools.
  • Providing individuals who test positive for HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis infection with access to appropriate clinical care.
  • Providing all residents with prevention literature regarding risk reduction for Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis infection.

For more information please contact Gloria Townsend at gtownsend@patf.org or call (412) 242-2500 x135

Page updated: August 10th, 2007