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American Liver Foundation Partners with CaringBridge to Enhance Patient Support

Free, Personalized Web sites Connect Loved Ones During Serious Health Event

Families unpreparred for a loved one's health diagnosis can be overwhelmed by medical terminology, treatment decisions and hospital visits. It's times like these that families need support from extended family and friends. But even trying to respond (much less reach out) to them using phone of personal e-mails is overwhelming and exhausting. CaringBridge was created to help these families receive support and provide information, while increasing time available for the patient and their caregiver. CaringBridge sites can be an important tool for families dealing with the stress of a health situation, giving them an appropriate outlet for sharing their feelings and receiving support.

CaringBridge provides free personal and private Web sites to patients and families when someone is facing a serious health event. A CaringBridge Web site allows the family to update everyone concerned with just one Web site entry, rather than making and taking countless phone calls to/from well-wishers. In return, patients and their family can hear from hundreds of their loved ones offering support and encouragement, and store all of those messages in one spot. Many say that while cards and letters are wonderful, they can't come close to the volume of well-wishes and compassion they receive through their CaringBridge experience. In 1997, CaringBridge founder Sona Mehring's close friend suffered a life-threatening pregnancy. To keep family and friends informed about the critical situation, Mehring created a Web site to communicate information to a wide circle of people without disturbing the mother's need for rest or placing additional demands on hospital staff. From that simple beginning, CaringBridge has grown to host more than 140,000 personal Web sites and nearly half a million people are connceted through CaringBridge each day. The American Liver Foundation recently partnered with CaringBridge. Not only will this partnership bring awareness of a beneficial service to our community members, but it will also bring awareness of our organization to members of the CaringBridge community. For more information or to create your own CaringBridge site that gives recognition to the American Liver Foundation, visit www.CaringBridge.org/liverfoundation

Page updated: January 17th, 2011