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One of the most powerful ways of maintaining liver health and preventing liver disease is education. It is at the heart of everything the American Liver Foundation does. Many forms of liver disease are preventable and many more are curable if detected early.

The American Liver Foundation (ALF) implements a variety of education programs about liver health and wellness and ways to prevent, treat and live with liver disease.

Our core programs are tailored for people of all ages, whether they are living with or at risk for liver disease, and include:

Love Your Liver

This program helps educate children, adolescents and young adults about how their liver functions, types of liver diseases, risk factors and ways to keep their livers healthy. By participating in this program, young people can achieve a greater awareness and understanding of the liver’s importance, maximize their liver health and be an integral part of preventing the spread of liver disease.

Liver Matters

ALF offers a general liver education program for adults seeking to understand how the liver functions and the causes of and risk factors and treatments for the most prevalent liver diseases. The program is offered to adult community groups including civic organizations, hospitals and other community settings and can also be part of corporate wellness programs.

Viral Hepatitis Treatment Choices Initiative

Focusing on hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, this program is offered to hospitals, detox centers, prisons and community-based organizations that provide services for addiction and substance abuse. It covers information about the liver, disease risk factors, prevention, coping with the challenges of living with a hepatitis virus and advances in treatment. ALF provides resources and educational materials to help individuals understand how they can go about seeking the treatments they need.

We have many more programs, including those on the local level through ALF’s 16 division offices located throughout the country. For more information about our national and regional programs, call us at 1-800-GO-LIVER (1-800-465-4837).

Page updated: February 26th, 2014