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Liver Lowdown Liver Awareness Month 2016

National Liver Awareness Month – The Liver Gets Its Due

When’s the last time you thought about your liver? Today? Yesterday? Ever? Facts are 68% of Americans aren’t thinking about liver health, and 42% question needing one at all. If any organ needed its own month, the liver would be first in line. Thankfully, National Liver Awareness Month dedicates every day in October to educating the public on this vital organ’s role in everybody’s life. Click here for ALF’s info-graphic to amplify your own liver health know-how.

ALF Supporter Crosses English Channel

John Donlon waded into the waters off England’s Dover Beach. He didn’t get out until he reached France, and the rest is ALF history. The long-time ALF supporter crossed the Channel for his father - who had liver disease. It took 15 hours, and only 1,700 have succeeded. Dolon admits “there’s a point when you say to yourself, ‘Why am I doing this? My body isn’t built for this.’” But when the 45-year-old Massachusetts native landed, “all I could think was, ‘This is such a gift.’ It’s really overwhelming and humbling.” The outcome is humbling, too. Donlon’s campaign has raised $7,935 (and counting) for the millions battling liver disease. Jump in to learn about Dolon’s mission here.

ALF Campaigns for Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Almost 40,000 Americans face a liver cancer diagnosis each year. ALF’s annual campaign, Are You at Risk?, raises awareness about causes, symptoms and risk reduction. Now in its third year, the month-long Bayer collaboration focused on four major cities. In New York, interactive signage on subways gave the facts about risks (see left). Attention-grabbing billboards, movie theater ads, and signage also appeared in San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles - all directing the public to ALF resources and information. Timing was everything. Liver cancer remains one America’s few cancers on the rise – roughly 2.7 percent this year. Learn more about liver cancer here.

Panelists Weigh in on Liver Nutrition

Is milk thistle good for my liver? How about the Paleo diet? Can changing what I eat help my fatty liver disease? Leading experts from the Mayo Clinic and University of Florida Health answered these questions and more at ALF’s September Nutrition Tweet Chat. Three transplant hepatologists and a dietician weighed in on wellness and nutrition. Get tips from their conversation stream here.

A Connection that Lasts

“My mother has a rare liver disease.” It’s not a common boy-meets-girl opener, but for Brett that open-hearted comment led to an odyssey worth recounting. “Mine does, too,” was Sarah’s equally warm response. For the unexpected, true tale of how uttering “auto-immune primary biliary cholangitis” can lead to a deeper connection and a lifelong romance, read here.

Amplify the Movement

Thanks to ALF’s new Social Media Advocates (#ALFSMA!), our “virtual volunteers” leverage their own social media networks to raise awareness about liver issues. Tell your story to journalists, participate in focus groups, direct family members to resources. The only requirement is a passion for the cause, and the benefits are many. You could even land on the ALF website Honor Wall. Getting started is easy with this signup form.

Living with HCV - Four Videos You'll Want to See

“It could be anyone. It could be you.” So begins one of four new Hepatitis C videos created at ALF’s National Patient Advocacy Committee training. The June event was in Chicago, but the voices are from across America – Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, and Baton Rouge, for a start. From symptom management and stigma, to resources and solutions, we're proud to post all four pieces here.

David Bowie Single Benefits ALF

Making music a gift that lasts, all-star musicians Martyn LeNoble, Christian Eigner, Mark Lanegan and Dave Gahan have released a cover of David Bowie’s legendary “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”. One hundred percent of benefits go to ALF in what Noble calls the “truly a ‘thank you.’” Already $ has come in to benefit the fight against liver diseases - including diagnoses like Bowie’s. Learn more about their efforts here, and download the single today.

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