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Voices of Liver Disease:

  • Not Giving In to Hepatitis C  
    When country music star Naomi Judd, as a young nurse, was stuck by a needle she contracted hepatitis C. Her music career ended when her battle against hepatitis began.


  • Hepatitis B  
  • Debra's Story  
    Read how Debra's elevated liver enzymes led to a diagnosis of Hepatitis C
  • Elizabeth's Story  
    Reflect on the life of a wonderful person when reading Elizabeth's story
  • Nick's Story  
    Read about the marathon runner with NAFLD – non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • 25 Ways to Love Your Liver  
    Read the ways in which you can stay healthy and wise when it comes to your liver
  • Careers  
    Careers at American Liver Foundation
  • Danielle's Story  
    Read about Danielle's story of surviving biliary atresia
  • Jim's Story  
    Read about Jim's story about PSC – Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
  • Matt's Story  
    Read about how biliary atresia isn't always a newborn condition
  • Spanky's Story  
    Read all about Spanky's liver transplant
  • Xander's Story  
    Watch 2 touching video's about Xander's journey through biliary atresia
  • Gavin's Story  
    Read all about Gavin's story of biliary atresia
  • Joey's Story  
    Read about Joey's sad story and all about acute liver failure
  • Mallory's Story  
    Read all about Mallory's liver transplant
  • Martha's Story  
    Martha's dedication to liver disease treatment has led her to the American Liver Foundation
  • Michael's Story  
    Michael's story is all about PSC – primary sclerosing cholangitis
  • Sandy's Story  
    Read about Sandy's diagnosis of PBC – Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
  • Donna's Story  
    From diagnosis of PSC to receiving a transplant to CEO of the American Liver Foundation
  • Aidan's Story  
    Read about Heather and Jeff Diederich's story dealing with newborn jaundice
  • A Denied Veteran's Story  
    Read the story of a military combat medic who contracted Hepatitis C
  • Liver Biopsy Shared Stories  
  • Gilbert Syndrome  

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